Dr. Ron Fletcher Presents on Vitamin D and Covid-19

We should be thankful that We have an MD friend who was the Health Director for Ohio and did research on AIDS and Covid -19 and lives in Dayton.
He presented Wednesday on Zoom to the Presidents Club of Dayton Organization a summary of his research which can save lives from Covid-19. 
Whether or not you are a member of the Presidents Club of Dayton, this information should be shared.
His presentation Link is at the end of this summary.
From Dr Fletcher:
Vitamin D can save lives.
- Well documented data has revealed a much higher mortality rate in the elderly and people with pre-existing chronic diseases like Diabetes. 
- Constantly increasing information from scientific  research reveals Vitamin D deficiencies are implicated in higher morbidity and mortality in Covid-19 patients.
- People of color (African-Americans and Latinos) have been especially hard hit. These groups are known to have a higher incidence of Vitamin D deficiency.
- A practical, cost effective and safe measure to protect the lives of the elderly, those with chronic diseases as well as people of color is to make sure they have adequate Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D activates the body’s immune defense system.
- Vitamin D (“the sunshine vitamin”) is obtained through sun exposure to the skin. Only 10-20% comes from food. The elderly who may get less sun exposure and have thin skin which causes less effective synthesis of Vitamin D and people of color who cannot absorb sunlight sufficiently due to having a darker skin pigmentation are more prone to being Vitamin D deficient. These individuals must make sure they keep  adequate Vitamin D levels.
- To protect yourselves make sure you are not Vitamin D deficient. Take a daily supplement of 1000-2000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D daily to assure your immune system, which is activated by Vitamin D, is strong enough to combat Covid-19.
Vitamin D is not a cure nor a vaccine. So you should continue to practice prevention measures such as wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings and diligent hand washing. Vitamin D is crucially needed for your body to defend itself optimally against the virus. 
Dr. Ronald L. Fletcher 
Former Director of the Ohio Department of Health


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Dayton History, the area’s recognized historical organization, was chosen for the project which included interactive kiosks at both the Dayton Convention Center and Carillon Park.  The book, “Dayton’s Spirit of Community Service and Leadership”, was completed and distribution started in the fall of 2016; including being represented in all of the surrounding libraries in our 9-county region and Library of Congress.
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We wish to thank Dayton History for its outstanding work on this project and would especially like to recognize Rick Schwartz of The Schiewetz Foundation for being the visionary behind these historical reference materials.

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